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Конор МакКенна "Бытие проистекало из прогулок" (процессуальная психология)

Книга готовится к русскому изданию. Надеемся, что первый тираж выйдет к следующему приезду Конора МакКенна и Клер Хилл в Москву в ноябре 2013 года.


Russian Forward to ‘Nothing Came From Walking’

Conor McKenna

This book is about dismantling the structures of our lives and recreating new realities through difficult situations experienced in illnesses and moods, such as depression. In the midst of building our futures we often forget that this building is just one phase. We suffer illness, moods, loss, conflicts and oppositions, insecurities of all kinds, and still we tend to hold on the building, expanding, growing phase as though to prevent loss of existence.

This book attempts to show, through personal experience, that the loss, the dismantling and the letting go of a worldly self, tends to reveal yet another, deeper, fuller experience of existence. The layers ‘beneath’ one’s identity influence and attract us to our true path: sometimes death, and the fear of death, is the ultimate dismantler of an identity that has lost touch with its deeper nature. In this death, I believe, is an attractor that pulls one into a trajectory that is our true direction, even if it kills us physically in the process.

This book follows the narrator from the moment he has to flee his ordinary life, through frightening experiences on the island of Gozo, Malta, to his discovery of having cancer, and thence to his confrontation with the pain of suffering illness on his return home. The book itself describes a month in real time from the beginning of the trip to the end. Unknowingly, he fled his normal life because of the pressures of internal dynamics that were to turn out to be the dreaming processes underlying an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Cancer, as an example of one type of illness, invades a cell and destroys the cell’s ability to function as a part of the body, and in the end, perhaps, if left to itself, will often kill the body. This book assumes that all illness and symptoms have a dreaming process that has a teleological purpose; a purpose that is beneficial to man- and woman-kind. This book attempts through actual moment to moment real experience to give some answers to the following questions: Does illness have an underlying non-physical structure that holds awareness? Can we interact with internal forms and spirits that create illness and that are intent on disturbing our fixed identity, or indeed, on killing or curing us? Can we resolve such conflicts with illness in a way that enables us to survive physically and prosper psychologically and spiritually from such awareness?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself, for the book assumes that it is you, your subjective self, that holds the key to discovering the wisdom within symptoms and body knowledge. One wish for writing this book is that it may demonstrate that illness IS the cure.

Conor McKenna


March 2011


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