О проекте Психологическая помощь (англ)

Project “Psychological help”

In this project we offer you well-qualified professional help in the dealing with hard situations and healing the hard emotional states. Taking part in our programs you can gain psychological communicative skills and develop your personal abilities. We help in different spheres of life:

-Relationships – the harmony in the relationships between man and woman, mutual understanding of parents and children, the interaction between a person and society, happy family, behavior in team work.

-Psychological and psychosomatic health – getting out of fears, psychosomatic health, copying with grief and loss, healing the psychological trauma, getting rid of dependences.

-Self-development and acquiring psychological skills – self-development and self-actualization, change of activities, existential search, making serious and important decisions, adaptation to new circumstances, development of personal and social skills.

-Education and upbringing – psychologically competent ways of teaching and upbringing children, correction and improvement different spheres of kids’ personality, building up the relationships with kids and teenagers, psychophysical, intellectual personal and social development of kids and teenagers.

We perform our work in both individual and group ways. It can be an individual consultation or therapeutic groups, trainings and travelling seminars.

We wish you good luck!

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