О проекте Мой мир(англ)

Project “My world”

“My world” project gives an opportunity to realize spiritual needs via creative activities, arts, joining to the traditional spiritual studies of all over the world cultures and intercultural trips.

Here you can find classes dedicated the following directions:

-“Creative workshops”- these activities ground fine arts, crafts, traditional folk dancing and singing, fingering various musical instruments

-“The United World Club” – represented itself as a living space, where you can get acquainted with the various cultures, national traditions and rituals of the world. In our club we pay much attention to the activities you can join if you wish.

-“Practices of the traditional studies” – these are current groups, where you can be taught to such disciplines as thaichi, chigun, wushu, and yoga. Our coaches are the successor of the traditional schools and recognized specialists in the circle of such disciplines.

-“Travelling” – we invite you to take part in the real trips all over the world. Besides the vacation these trips will give you a deep notion of the country, it’s history and the culture. The aim of our trips is perception by means of joining.

-“Psychological theatre” – in our time there are several directions which combine psychology and the theatre. The main difference from the general theatre is that an audience a participants of the drama on the stage.

In the context of the project we organize the conferences, round-table discussions and club meetings.

We wish you good luck!

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