О проекте Образование (англ)

Project “Education”

In this project we offer you practical education programs focused on the raising the skills level and preparing professional psychologists and also general seminars concerning the ways of dealing with a number of psychological problems. There are following sections in the project:

-“Additional education” – we offer you practical studies of modern psychological approaches and techniques of working with clients. In the end of each program our students are given the state certificates and become the licensed specialists.

-“Supervision and Intervision” – are programs focused on the professional growth and teaching practical psychologists and help to deal with the intensive load of the supporting specialists.

-“Career-guidance” – the mission of this section is to help adults and teenagers in professional self-determination. These programs help to determine your individual abilities and professional inclinations and preferences and build career and professional growth.

-“Psychological enlightenment” – these programs oriented audience which doesn’t have a special psychological education. The classes are made as interactive seminars and the subjects are based on people real needs.

All our programs are leaded by skilled specialists who have huge experience of practical work.

We wish you good luck!

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