О проекте (англ)

The United Psychological Center

We are glad that you have visited the site of United Psychological Center. We offer you our support in choice of the field which would meet your requests in your personal development and health. There are four lines adjoining with psychology. They are based on the conception of all-round development of a person and represent psychological, physical, intellectual and spiritual spheres. All of our projects focus on the dealing with real-world problems.

The “Psychological help” is the project where you can find help and get consultation of the most highly experienced psychotherapist concerning various difficult situation you may face in your life.

The “Education” project offers programs of additional education and it focuses on raising the level of specialists- psychologists’ skills and general seminars covering the way of dealing with wide spectrum of psychological problems.

The “My World” is the project which is dedicated to creative self-actualization, traditional spiritual and corporal self-development and also intercultural travels all over the world.

The “Body recovery” introduces you practical methods and techniques of physical development and recovery.

We wish you good luck!

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